Decorative Tiles

Ceramic tiles provide a lifetime of beauty and function. Decorative Tiles have strong, clean surfaces for use in many different spaces. They can be purely aesthetic but will also offer lasting durability. Decorative tiles are a great alternative to traditional rugs, wallpaper, or canvas paintings.

Decorative wallpaper tiles or field decos are tiles that connect on all four sides and can cover a limited amount of space while maintaining an overall pattern.

Beautiful wainscotings are achieved with the addition of tile trims and mouldings. (Wainscotings are traditionally three feet high and create separation and added interest to a flat wall. This allows you to apply different colors or patterns on the bottom part of the walls. Tile trims and mouldings are the finishing pieces that complete a tile installation. They include chairrails, bullnoses, base coves, etc. Tile trims and mouldings finish edges, and smooth corners,but they also are used for added depth and design. Using decorative tile for a wainscoting makes for a very unique environment.

Ceramic tiles are also a great replacement for canvas paintings or mounted art. Decorative tiles can be used as artwork for your walls. Just mount and frame a grouted tile design, medallion or mural and hang it wherever you would artwork. Tile murals and medallions provide artwork from kitchen backsplashes to even more untraditional spaces like in place of headboards in your bedroom.

Overall, decorative tiles can be used almost anywhere traditional decorative elements are used, while adding a lifetime guarantee of beauty and style.