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Mantra Tile - Installation and Care


Mantra's handmade tiles are fired at temperatures exceeding 2000 degrees.  This hi-firing process makes for strong bodies and virtually non-porous surfaces.  Hi-firing our tiles also adds a richness, and depth of color and texture that is unmatched by standard low-fired tiles.  Our hi-fired, handmade tiles can be installed anywhere you choose.  They are suitable for showers, fountains, floors, backsplashes, fireplaces, pools, countertops, etc. 

Mantra tiles will last indefinitely, adding beauty and function to any setting.  Our hi-fired tiles do not need sealer, and require no maintenance.  However, after installation your grout lines will need to be sealed.  We apply a water-based enhancer to all of our deco tiles which adds a satin finish and brings out the natural colors.  These can be cleaned with a non-ammonia based cleaner.  We recommend "Murphy's Oil Soap".  We suggest that you do not use any harsh abrasive materials when cleaning your tiles because slight scratching may appear in the glaze surface over time.  As with any handmade products, every tile will have slight differences in color, size, shape, and decoration.  Likewise, the glaze colors will differ slightly from one firing to the next, including mottling and depth of color.  All of Mantra tiles are  hand painted, so the glazed artwork is  unique to each tile as well.  However, these  subtleties only add to the authentic quality and rustic appearance that is evident in all of our handmade tiles.